Hunan TV’s Big-hit reality show “Up Idol II” takes its races to Studio City and City of Dreams

MACAU, July 21, 2016, Thursday – “Up Idol II”, the over 100 million viewer Hunan TV reality show credited for jumpstarting “The Age of Female Reality Shows” in China, is coming back with a bang. Featuring a stronger production with an even bigger cast, the ultra-popular show has chosen Macau as the filming destination. . . . Read More: »

Double Celebration For City of Dreams’ Flagship Entertainment Centerpiece ‘The House of Dancing Water’ Honored With the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ In the 2015 Business Awards of Macau Confirmed as The Only Macau Resort Featured In the Multi-Emmy Award-winning Reality Series ‘The Amazing Race’

Macau – Thursday, December 3, 2015: Celebrating five years at the top, City of Dreams’ flagship entertainment centerpiece ‘The House of Dancing Water’, by far the world’s largest and most spectacular water-based extravaganza, was honored last week with the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ award in the 2015 Business Awards of Macau. The prestigious award recognizes ‘The House of Dancing Water’ as an outstanding home-grown brand to support Macau’s development into a world center of tourism and leisure, while recognizing its value in engaging more than 3.5 million visitors since its launch. . . . Read More: »

‘The House of Dancing Water’ Honored As the Legend of Asia, Celebrates its 5th Anniversary with the ‘Emperor of China’

Aarif Rahman Experienced His First Underwater Journey at the World’s Largest Water-based Theater

Macau – Friday, July 31, 2015: In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of ‘The House of Dancing Water’ City of Dreams and Dragone is unveiling the ultimate secrets of the Dancing Water Theater, sharing the joy and glory with its entire . . . Read More: »

Cool Daddy Wu Chun & Daughter Neinei Joined City of Dreams Macau In Celebration of the 4th Anniversary of The House of Dancing Water The Largest Water-based Show on Earth

MACAU – Thursday, August 14, 2014: Asian celebrity Wu Chun recently partook in a red hot reality show where he showered his paternal love on his daughter. From reality show to real life, Wu is seen as a perfect dad. To celebrate the upcoming fourth birthday of his beloved little girl, Neinei, the father-daughter . . . Read More: »

A Night of Cinematic Glamour Celebrated With Megastars of Asian Cinema
City of Dreams Macau Presents the Grandest and Most Spectacular Asian Film Awards Ever
At The Home to the World’s Largest Water-Based Show ‘The House of Dancing Water’

MACAU – Thursday, March 27, 2014: For the first time, the ‘Oscars of Asia’ is hosted in the newest entertainment hub of Asia when Asia’s leading integrated entertainment resort City of Dreams Macau fully supports the 8th Asian Film Awards. Tonight, over a hundred stars and cinematic talents graced the glittering red carpet to . . . Read More: »

In Celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of ‘The House of Dancing Water’ Asian Superstar Aaron Kwok Assumes The Mantle of ‘King of Dancing Water’ to Kick Off The Most Exciting Adventure Summer Camp In The World

Macau – Wednesday, July 31, 2013: Asian superstar Aaron Kwok today made a dramatic entrance onto the stage on a motorcycle at a high voltage ceremony that officially launched the world’s most exciting adventure summer camp, inaugurated to mark the 3rd Anniversary of ‘The House of Dancing Water’ at City of Dreams Macau. Mr . . . Read More: »

‘The House of Dancing Water’ Offers The Most Exciting Adventure Summer Camp In The World For Its Very First Time A week-long of Flying, High-Performance Diving And Moto Bungee Join Us For A Spectacular Journey At City of Dreams Macau

Macau – Monday, June 24, 2013: City of Dreams Macau is proud to announce today its world-class flagship entertainment centerpiece, ‘The House of Dancing Water’, will present the most exciting artistic and entertainment adventure summer camp in the world for the first time. Under the guidance of an outstanding international production team, selected fans . . . Read More: »

‘The House of Dancing Water’at City of Dreams MacauSetsHigh Asia Show Fever
Fashion Icon Pace Wu NamesIt“Must-see” in Macau

Macau–Wednesday, November 28, 2012:A world class collaboration betweenCity of Dreams Macau and the world’s greatest showcreator Mr. Franco Dragone, ‘The House of Dancing Water’ is the world’s largest water-based extravaganza and has proven to be a huge Asian hit. This incredible spectacleis the result of five years of development and two years of rehearsal and production, with over HKD2 billion in investments. . . . Read More: »

‘The House of Dancing Water’ Rings in Year of the Dragon With Its One Millionth Spectator

MACAU – Saturday, January 28, 2012: The Year of the Dragon started with a bang for City of Dreams with its iconic show ‘The House of Dancing Water’ welcoming its one millionth spectator to Dancing Water Theater on Monday, January 23, 2012. In just 16 months since it opened, this world-class entertainment extravaganza at City of Dreams has dominated as Macau’s must-see show and firmly planted Macau on the world map of entertainment whilst contributing to the growth of the city as an all-round leisure and entertainment hotspot. . . . Read More: »

Triple Triumph for ‘The House of Dancing Water’ Awards Further Reiterate Uniqueness and Success of Iconic Water-based Extravaganza

MACAU – Friday, December 9, 2011: City of Dreams today celebrated the triple triumph of its flagship world-class entertainment offering ‘The House of Dancing Water’. The iconic water-based show scooped the prestigious international THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association (“TEA”) and Best Entertainment of Macau from 2011 Hurun Report. Dancing Water Theater, the magnificent home designed and custom-built for this awe-inspiring production, also earned the DFA (The Design for Asia) Merit Recognition Award for its design excellence. . . . Read More: »

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